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The book on JPG history, "Echoes of a distant Past", was written by Sue Baker from Greenfield, Indiana. Her relatives lived on the proving ground and she took her references in large part from old newspapers saved by Opal Wildman, originally from the proving ground then from Milan, Indiana (now deceased).

Louis Munier and Mike Moore drove up to Greenfield to have lunch with Sue Baker and her husband Jim. Sue gave us the old print film to the original printing and gave us permission to reprint the book for which we pay her royalties on the book. We sent the book to the original publishing company and luckily the company could still print from film, not just digital files. Carl and Millie Busch drove up to Ann Arbor Michigan and brought the books back to Madison. We prompltly started selling them, but Barbara Kiffmeyer of the History Center found that page two had been ommitted. We had to send the books back and they split the spine and added page two. Now we are still offering the book for sale. Ken Knouf still tells people that this is the premier book on the JPG community.

The St. Magdalene book is $6.oo plus shipping, the two clippings books and the JPG DVD are $15.00 each plus shipping.

JPG Heritage Partnership