The Jefferson Proving Ground Heritage Partnership met at 6:00 p.m. at Charlie and Sue Dilk's gorgeous new home in Columbus for our annual Christmas dinner. Those attending included Norma Lou Irwin, Becky Thompson, Mike Moore, Ann Moore, Sue Dilk, Charles Dilk, Ron Harsin, Ilene Harsin, Mary Harsin, Phil Stewart, Joyce Stewart, Carl Busch, Millie Busch, Don Perkins, Rita Knouf, and Ken Knouf. After a series of house tours (Charlie and Sue refer to this as downsizing) and the men drinking manly beers, Norma Lou said grace, and Ken muddled through a tribute to the members we had lost over the years. We will always cherish the memory of those members who helped our little group to achieve so much. Then it was time to eat, and Charlie wowed us with his outdoor grilling skills of chicken and pork. Our members as usual brought the usual array of delicious dishes which supplemented the meal, and we really chowed down. Kudos to all of the chefs who made this a spectacular meal. Then it was time for a little business (we generally only have a little business) and with full stomachs Norma Lou called the meeting to order.

Norma Lou

Ken and Rita


Ilene, Charles, and Susan

Carl and Millie


Mike and Ann

Ron, Sue and Don

Mary Harsin


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